In progress
School project
Current Mood Radio
Music is a reflection of multiple cultures and is perceived as one individual experience through different emotions and tastes. Current Mood (CM) strives to find music that reflects different emotional aspects. The feeling, and the uniqueness music is able to convey.

As a result of my exam in visual design, Current Mood was born. The project is still very much alive and always under evolvement to collect and share the right music for the right mood. CM is run by myself and my friends who all share a fascination for music and especially the Deep House genre. The name Current Mood comes from the fact that there are several creative souls behind the levers, and we all have our own style and expression, some more experienced than another but the idea is to have a social platform where we can share music among our self and others.

The foundation
The foundation for the identity behind CM is based on principles from the music industry. Music productions today make use of electronic software. The foundation is similar both analog and digital, the difference lies in the interface.The inspiration is taken from the digital interface for the sheet music, also known as MIDI (musical instrument digital interface).